About Us

Stemming from a group of friends love for travelling; African Advantage Tours started off as an endeavor to provide holiday makers with an affordable, convenient One-Stop-Shop for all types of travel enthusiasts and adventurous folk out there.

“Here at African Advantage Tours, we aim to bring those priceless, unforgettable experiences closer to you; we aim not only to make them possible, but convenient & genuinely affordable!”

Fabian Tamele, Operations Manager (South Africa)

“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave your regimen behind, let us at AA Tours help you to step out of those daily routines and start exploring.”

Menezes Tamele, Operations Manager (Mozambique)

“‘I am bored’ is a futile thing to say. You live in a great, vast world; allow us to take you there!”

Noxy Kholwa, Marketing Consultant
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